Why is your website maintained by electric llamas?

One of the first developers I was working with had electricllama in his email address.  Since then I think of all coders and developers as electric llamas.  Also, I ran out of money halfway through building the website and had to switch to llamas because they're cheaper.


Haven't I Seen You Before?  I know you from somewhere...

In a previous life, I ran a dating coaching company.  Basically, I told women how not to do creepy things that make guys run away, and men how not to do creepy things that make women run away.  It was 10% psychology, 10% listening, and 80% common sense.  I wrote a few books and did a bunch of TV appearances before it got so big that I was spending all my time managing staff instead of helping people, so I sold it.  In some of my longer shows, I talk about some of the amazing characters from those days... .

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How Did You Get Into Stand Up Comedy?

To be honest, I got into it on a lark.  I'd just sold my latest company and had some free time.  I've always been comfortable and confident on stage, and people have told me that I'm funny and I'm an experienced improv performer.  So I thought stand up comedy would be easy.  It wasn't.

The reason why it's not easy is the reason I stuck with it.  Great comedians are not only funny, they are authentic and they have something to say - in a humorous way.  "Something to say" doesn't have to be big preachy messages -- it's often the minutia and mundane details of daily life that produces the best and most insightful commentary.  A lot of my material comes my experience as a professional dating coach, breaking down the absurdity of today's dating world.

Inspired by great comedians and by shows that have stayed with me afterwards and made me think, I aim to provide the same experience for my audience at every performance.  


Which Other Comedians Do You Like?  Who Have You Learned From?

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Chris Rock.  Still am.  I love intelligent social and political commentary and in the 00s I couldn't get enough of Tina Fey and Dave Chappelle.  The comedian I follow most now is Tom Segura, and when once in a blue moon someone tells me that my style reminds them of his, I take it as a huge compliment.  I also love Fringe Fests, I go to at least one Fringe Fest per year, and am always incredibly inspired.  I've seen some of the most groundbreaking, challenging, and hilarious comedy at Fringe Fests.

On an individual level, I've learned a lot from two working comedians in Los Angeles: Ken Pringle and Joshua Snyder.  Both have been invaluable mentors, resources, and critics, and my performances are much stronger because of them.  Both perform at Flappers Burbank and teach at Flappers University.