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Nick will personally tailor material for your company or event.  Corporate clients often take advantage of Nick's background as a Wharton MBA with a successful business career - currently serving as a C-Suite advisor in marketing and strategy - to have him reinforce strategic themes or messages to employees, in an engaging, humorous way.  Nick will work with you to integrate people, places, and organization-specific information that will make your event unique and create lasting memories for years to come.


With 20 years of improv training, Nick is used to - and enjoys - rolling with the punches.  His hosting style is not heavy-handed and he has the confidence and experience to allow them to follow their own organic trajectory, while ensuring that they remain on-time, on-schedule, and on-message.

All material is both 100% clean and 100% appropriate for the event.  Scripts may be reviewed in advance.  

Nick has hosted at a variety of events, including corporate celebrations, morale-boosting events, private dinners and receptions, political and community get-togethers, charity fundraisers, and comedy festivals.    

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